• Anne Henderson

Do The Best Work Of Your Life.

Updated: May 22, 2019

Not that guy who sits at the computer round the corner. Not the girl who, for about three months now, you have been dying to ask out for coffee. Do the best work of YOUR life.

That's what motivational thought Wolff Olins employees think every day before they walk through the door. They must have got something right for to be named quite recently, the most innovative design firm in the world... right?

I mean, isn't a little healthy competition good? It keeps us motivated to do better, by judging our standard against another's. But by doing so, it often leaves us feeling a little resentful. Some people have probably mastered this, and choose not to feel the jealousy creeping up inside of them, but for me anyway, I struggle big time with this.

Even if we don't resent another person, we probably resent ourselves a little. Why can't I just be a little bit better?

So how do you stop that sneaky little feeling rising from up inside you, if on a daily basis we're told to be better? Is it not terrifying and overwhelming to think everyday that when you sit down at your computer, you need to produce something epic? Something mindblowingly clever? Something unseen before?


For me right now, that thought means my work in a day might not be epic. It might not be mindblowing. It's probably going to be gruelling, boring, daily grind kind of stuff. And that's okay. When you do the stuff that you love, you have to learn all the unsexy side of things before you master it, and you won't be able to master it, or do the best work of your entire life, until you learn the craft.

The Wolff Olins thought doesn't read: "Do the best work of your entire life." Some day you probably will do that... one project will probably be the best you ever do in your entire life. But that's not the goal here. The goal is to progress on a daily basis, to be just a little bit better than yesterday.

So learn how to curve corners more efficiently. Know where to tick that box to stop strokes scaling down in size too. Why not set a challenge, where every day you learn a new and quicker way of doing things in Illustrator or In Design?

And in doing YOUR best every single day, you'll do the best work of your life... so far.

oh and here's where you tick that box...