• Anne Henderson


Updated: May 22, 2019

We've heard it all before: "OMG, that hair is GOALS!" "Her shoes are goals." "They are couple goals!!!"

If this word isn't the word of the year, I'll be real mad. It seems like every millennial swears by it. Maybe they all have a drinking game to take a shot when they hear someone say it, and I just don't know about it. Pfft I don't drink anyway, jokes on them.

This word has become so mainstream in our culture, it has lost its significance. Is having your boyfriend bring you a bouquet of chicken nuggets really a goal of yours?

For some, maybe it is (and really I will be jealous if yours does and mine doesn't!) But for us designers out there, we need to have other omg goals.

One thing university has taught me, is to use the inspiration we find to create our own design. After all, it was Picasso who said: "Good artists copy. Great artists steal."

I know I've found it super difficult in the past to know where to draw the line with what is copying and what is downright I'm gonna get sued if I design it like this. But for real, inspiration is a big deal. I tend to look for it everywhere in my life, not just on Pinterest.

Whether I'm scanning a customer's items through the checkout at Tesco, I notice the colour palettes, or whether Colgate got new packaging for their toothpaste, and wow you should totally run your finger over that matte bit and then the spot uv and see how good it feels!!!! Yup, I really do say this stuff to my customers, and I have no shame. They tend to give me this look like, can you hurry up and pack my bags and stop touching my food so weirdly.

I guess I'm just in the wrong job. Tesco checkouts certainly isn't my calling... my passions and my goals lie elsewhere. Oh yeah, I was talking about goals wasn't I?

I think it's important that we have two types of goals in life:

1. Where am I headed? Aka what are my short term and long term goals? and 2. Who are my omg goals?

To answer the first. I really don't know specifics, but I do know I want to work in branding or advertising. Something with communicating to an audience and trying to persuade them of something. I love that idea.

And the second: Who are my omg goals?

This is the bit that can change, and in fact it should change constantly. For example, today's omg goals for me is this:

This rebrand by DesignStudio really encompasses what professional design means to me. They've ran with the notion of "Two's company. Three's a collective" and it really couldn't be any more perfect. That colour palette is just divine, and the whole logo just looks slick.

To be honest, I'm still figuring out what to do with this information in my head. I've recognised that I'm in love with the colours, and the typographic choice with the glyphs included, but so what? How do I take this rebrand that I find so visually appealing, and learn from it, not copy the exact Pantone colours?

I think I'll just log it in the back of my head. I think that's the best way to do it for me anyway. In fact, maybe I actually will pin it on a Pinterest board, since my memory isn't the most reliable these days after my body has been doused in tins of Monster during this last stretch of final year, but that's the point, right? Bank the things that we find goals. Draw upon them in the future sometime, when we need to have that inspiration for logos for 9am sharp.

So don't just settle for bouquets of chicken nuggets. You deserve better goals.